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                  VALMAR Seeding Solutions




   Valmar 55 Series

     The Valmar 55 series is an implement mounted granular applicator for herbicides and seeds. It's designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy under a wide variety of ground conditions. The 55 series can be configured for a variety of widths and capacities. Its numerous innovative features are designed to make granular application safer, easier and more precise.

       Valmar 245 Granular Applicator

          Whether your seeding or applying herbicide, a Valmar 245 Pull-Type Granular Applicator is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy under a variety of ground conditions. The ground driven metering system uses a 60 speed gear box that allows application rates in 5% increments. The 40 cu. ft. hopper and 50 ft boom allows you to cover more acres between fills and the self-leveling boom ensures a uniform spread pattern.





     Valmar ST 8

      The Valmar ST 8 is a strip till fertilizer applicator. It has an 8 ton capacity hopper that can be configured as a single or dual 60/40 split hopper with 8, 12, 16 or 18 outlets. It has an individual venture, open feed system applying 400 lbs/acre @ 6 mph in 30" row spacing. It is equipped with a hydraulic motor metering drive for use with VRT. An optional air diffuser kit is available. Made to fit several different carts.


  Valmar 8600

Designed to meet the needs of large commercial operations, the Valmar Airflo 8600 is a high capacity pull type spreader that delivers the highest rates of application currently available in a commercial spreader. Thanks to it's  advanced design the Airflo 8600 delivers rates as high as 1000 lbs/acre at 8 MPH., allowing you to finish large job faster than ever before.



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