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        Salford has been designing and building quality tillage equipment since 1978. In 2001 they recognized that conservation tillage and no-till practices were on the rise. Understanding that residue management was a critical challenge, Salford began work on a tool that would help improve soil productivity. In 2003 they introduced the Residue Tillage Specialist (RTS). With the advent of the RTS, Salford began a revolution in residue management based on an innovative spring shank and coulter design called the Coil-Tech Coulter. When running at 8 miles mph or faster the coils vibrate like a jackhammer fracturing the soil profile, driving cracks into the hard pan, allowing for better moisture infiltration and root development. For more information on Salford tillage solutions click the pictures above.



Other Tillage Options
Salford NH3 Application


         Salford has other tillage solutions for your consideration. Consider the Salford 9200 in-line ripper to correct compaction problems. Salford's S-Tine or C-shank cultivator offer 20" to 26" frame clearance providing excellent residue flow. The Salford Heavy Duty Tandem Disc Harrow offers excellent ground penetration, longer working life and reduced maintenance costs. Click the picture above to see more Salford tillage options
        If your looking to get more out of your tillage equipment, consider adding a MaxQuip Anhydrous application system to your Salford. A MaxQuip system can be configured to fit any size Salford and give you precise control by turning on or off different section of the machine. When not applying anhydrous you can hydraulically raise the NH3 knives so you are running the unit in a vertical tillage configuration.
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