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Primary Tillage Solutions




Salford Moldboard Plow
Salford 5100


       Made to fit any farming operation, Salford Moldboard plows have the option of 3 to 16

bottoms. Salford plows are built to last using 8" X 8" main beam. With industry leading under frame and for-aft clearance, it's almost impossible to to plug these plows, keeping you moving to cover more acres. You get a choice of bottoms to match your soil conditions





Salford 9800 DRH
Salford 9700 CTS
       The Salford 9800 Disc Ripper Harrow is designed to go deep and stay there. Where other disc rippers with splitter shanks often ride up over tough obstacles, the 9800's weight and heavy 1 1/4" shanks keeps this machine at depth. The unique gang system carries independently mounted blades for class leading residue flow. The independent blades are also able to turn soil over and mix residue better than machine with solid disc gangs thanks to their added clearance.
       Conservation isn't just about improving soil structure, it's also about improving yield      and profit on your farm. The 9700CTS is designed to reduce equipment capital and operating cost. Salford's unique design allows you to use the CTS for top soil tillage, minimum tillage, deep tillage finishing or deep ripping reducing you capital cost and maintenance. The CTS has been engineered for conservation tillage on high residue crops on highly erodible soil
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