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Retriever Transport Hitch Retriever Self Loading Trailer (SLT)





       The Retriever Transport Hitch converts your tandem axel semi-tractor to an agricultural implement towing vehicle in as little as five minutes. The Retriever Transport Hitch give operators the ultimate in flexibility with CAT II and CAT III

Quick Attach two-point hookup as well as a removable heavy-duty drawbar. The Retriever Transport Hitch is available in both 12 volt power pack (self contained) and Wet Kit powered version

       The Retriever Self Loading Trailer from Bestway features a self contained hydraulic system that allows one truck and operator to pick up and transport combine heads and three-point mounted equipment without the need for a combine, forklift or tractor to assist in the loading operation.

       The Retriever SLT was designed to greatly improve the efficiency of farm equipment dealers and large farming operations by reducing the manpower and equipment required to move combine heads and large three-point mounted equipment




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