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          BBI spreaders lead the world in precision application of fertilizer, lime and organic materials. We achieve that precision through a wider, flatter spread pattern. BBI precision fertilizer applicators are capable of accurately broadcasting a consistent, flat pattern of material 80 to 120 feet wide, depending on the spreader.





MagnaSpread 3

The leader in precision, with 3 independently-controlled hoppers.

Get the most from variable rate technology spreading with MagnaSpread Equipped with BBI's Binary Manifold, making connections to you precision agricultural electronics a snap.


       This is the definition of excellence among litter spreaders. Built with BBI spinner system, Endurance achieves the same level of precision with heavier, wetter organic material normally achieved with the dry artificial stuff






BBI's Liberty give you options - Tough mechanical ground-wheel drive conveyor and PTO. It also runs on hydraulic spinners. Setting on a tandem-axel frame, Liberty offers a variety of medium capacity nutrient applications


With the largest capacity of any spreader optimized for mid-season

 top-dress applications, Javelin is ready to take on  the task of the largest farming operation. The 14-foot, single axel, hydraulic spreader includes expandable track width and special tires to minimize compaction.


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